Monday, October 18, 2010

Please do not fact check this, just take our word for it.

What is Variety Society you may ask?

Well, the story of our humble enterprise is a fascinating tale steeped in mystery, loaded with intrigue, and featuring possibly at least one alligator attack. Seriously, keep reading, there may be an alligator attack at some point. You won't know unless you check!

It all began in 1849, the year of the Gold Rush, when an enterprising Scotsman by the name of Angus McElroy Huckleberry (of the famous North Blairlogie Huckleberrys) came to San Francisco to make his fortune.

Unfortunately old Angus' plan to develop a cheap and easy way to manufacture women's stockings using sheep's milk went awry, and he died a penniless vagabond. Truly this one flew too close to the sun.

In his last will and testament, he expressed but one wish: that someone would create a new late night show featuring the best of comedy, music, and improv from all over the Bay Area. This being the 19th century and neither television nor the internet yet having been invented, it was actually quite a remarkable request.

Confused by his stories of magical talking picture boxes and angry at inheriting his debts to the sheep farmers, Angus' family locked his will away in a safety deposit box and resolved never to speak of "the old coot" again. When the 1906 earthquake buried the box under several tons of rubble, it seemed that his dream would go forever unfulfilled.

Fast forward to the year 2010, when our ragtag group of rebel pirate freedom fighters (or at least, that's what it says on our team jerseys) discovered Angus' lost will!

Although to be honest, at the time we were actually looking for another lost safe deposit box that supposedly contains the forever unread script for Jay Leno's last verifiably good monologue dating back to 1992, but an unscrupulous rival beat us to it (curse you Belloq!).

Once we'd consoled ourselves about the loss (and recovered from the trauma of inhaling the odor of 150-year-old sheep's milk-stained parchment), we resolved to honor old Angus Huckleberry's dying request, and Variety Society was born.

Once it was just a few men and a dream. Now it's a slightly larger group of men and a dream. Plus several women, and I think we also have a pool table coming.

But soon it will be so much more than that! And as we prepare for our big premier in November, we like to think that Angus' benevolent spirit will be watching over us. And we mean that in the least creepy way possible, so please don't be afraid to come out.

And also don't be mad that there was no alligator. I tried as best I could to work it in.

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