Tuesday, October 26, 2010

We're sketchy.

We won't rest until we score free World Series tickets through blackmail and intimidation

We won't rest until we harness the power of the sun to fuel our earthquake machine

We won't rest until we steal every left sock in America

We won't rest until we reshape the face of the Bay Area comedy scene!

(Note to self: See about getting the delete button on this keyboard fixed...).

With that in mind, we're implementing our comprehensive 900-step master plan starting today. Yes, 900 steps. Why so many? Because it's comprehensive of course!

Step one was this blog, so we're moving right along. What's step two? If I told you that, you would be shocked to the very core of your being and might potentially never recover.

So instead on to step three: SKETCH FEST!

That's right, we're applying to Sketch Fest, San Francisco's annual comedy festival, which will celebrate its tenth anniversary in January. Will we be a part of the action? Well, only if the people evaluating these applications know a good joke from a sharp stick in the eye.

Although if stick in the eye is what they're looking for, we can provide that too. We're flexible about that kind of thing. It's all about breaking down boundaries around here.

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