Saturday, April 9, 2011

Out of Context Theatre rides again.

Sometimes people ask me about the context. These people are obviously not staying true to the spirit of the concept.

Also, to be honest, sometimes even I don't know the context. I'm just immersed in a sea of sensory input around here, I couldn't parse most of it if lives hung in the balance.

Frankly, I'm hoping someone out there can make sense of it all. Looking to me for guidance is like the blind leading the blind. Or possibly the deaf. Or maybe just a guy with bad gout:

"No, a mirror isn't good enough, I need to see me at 240p."
"God I look good pixelated. It makes me look so much younger."

"She is hot in a terrifying way, like Ilsa from 'Last Crusade.'"

"You can't make me look bad, I've got a Pixar face."
"It's true, he's like the black Nemo."

"Somehow we squeezed two hours of Charlie Sheen jokes into one hour of programming, how does that work?"

"Of all the jobs, that's the most thankless."
"I'll thank him. Hell, he does a good enough job I'll %$*@ the guy."
"We may need to see your form first."

"We really need to take advantage of this Apocalypse thing."

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