Thursday, January 27, 2011

Episode 3: Revenge of the Tiff.

This show is like a really awesome party, except without the hangover, burning sensation, and awkward "I'll call you, really!" conversations the next morning.

Just scroll down and you can check out our latest morning after efforts, taped live at the Boxcar Theatre Studios on January 15th. Go on, scroll down, you know you want it.

Oh, but first, here's our opening skit, which got cut for time because we know that you're all busy people, but which I've generously provided for anyone who is largely sessile and needs as much stimuli as possible. Because I'm a hell of a guy.

And now, on with the show, in which our first guest had a broken hand, our second guest put a nail through his own face, our sketch group hurt only each others' feelings, our headliner is most likely bulletproof, and our musical guest heart.

The Variety Society Episode 3 from Viral Media Network on Vimeo.

You can hear more of musical guest Toddy Shipley at CD, and you can even buy his album if you're feeling super awesome.

Jeff Bodeans' Runabout is available at the App Store, which apparently is a fringe online software vendor from some computer company or another founded by some guy named Steve. Yeah, I never heard of them either, but they're cool with Jeff, and that's good enough for me.

Joe Rock can of course be heard weekdays, 7:00 PM to midnight at 107.7 The Bone, and you can keep up on the Stone Foxes over at their site.

David Blatter has his own site as well (man, it's almost like anyone can have a website these days. I feel less special. Sniff...). I'm incredibly amused to find that if you Google Mr. Blatter's name the first result is his site, but the second one is me apologizing for calling him a witch. I'm sure he's just incredibly thrilled with me.

And finally, PianoFight are always at the Off-Market theater for their incredible night of comedy, entitled...wait, "Shit Show"? You can call a show that? You can put that word right in the title? Since when?! When I wanted to call us the Fecal Affiliation I got voted down, but they get to go around saying "Shit Show" left and right? I call foul!

Oh, wait, it's not "Shit", it's S.H.I.T., some kind of acronym. That's okay then. You can do anything you want with acronyms. That's why I want to legally change my name to Ferdinand Ulysses Nabokov Keates Apollo Rudyard Theseus Ibsen Swift Thesus, so that my initials would spell, well, figure it out for yourselves.

But I'm putting that off until I'm sure that everyone can spell all that correctly, because even my present name has been misspelled in the credits (curses!). Can't win 'em all.

Our next show will be LIVE, MARCH 12TH, AT THE BOXCAR THEATRE STUDIOS, 125A HYDE ST IN SAN FRANCISCO, and we'll have an update on our very special February event within the next week. Until then, drink responsibly. I don't bring that up for any particular reason, it's just good advice.

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