Saturday, January 15, 2011

Highlights of lowlifes.

Just got back from our latest shoot, which set an indoor record for blunt-force trauma to the face during a live taping of a micro-budget comedy show (I phoned Guinness to confirm; the old record was a surprisingly low figure).

As usual, we've chained our post-production team to a radiator and told them they're not leaving until the editing is done, so it should be available for mass consumption within the week, at which point you'll get to see:

-Dan and Jeff talk about how not gay they are. At length.

-Detailed descriptions of Jeff's massive organ (I really can't say anything more than that...)

-David Blatter gets nailed, repeatedly. I believe he also got hammered.

-The guys from PianoFight demonstrate why English majors should never play beer pong.

-Joe Rock of 107.7 The Bone antagonizes our news anchor with one hand!

-And the California Crusher issues the first (but not the last!) direct threat toward a sitting politician in our show's history.

Inexplicably, the cops did not bust us up this time, which is actually kind of a bummer because we could have used the publicity. But that means we're free to perpetrate acts of reckless comedy on the Bay Area again next month, this time in gala form.

Which is not to be confused with Galaga form, although that was my suggestion.

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